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I am a science fiction / supernatural thriller author. I am published by Creativia Publishing, and my books are available world wide.

My Titles include:

“The Mons Connection” A science fiction thriller that brings 3 astronauts and 1 cosmonaut together on a mission to discover if life ever existed in the Olympus Mons region of Mars. What brought them there was a discovery made at an archaeological dig in Egypt. Find out what happens when the Anunnaki and the Human worlds collide.

“Infected and Other Short Stories” A collection of 4 short horror stories, each with it’s own unique twist. The four short stories include:

  • “Infected” Jacob and his friend Larry go dirt bike riding for the day in the Arizona desert. Jacob soon begins to feel strange. A wound he received the night before from a young woman he met is beginning to infect him, and he is soon spiraling out of control.
  • “Harry” A common thug has lost his memory and happens upon a tragic fatal accident. In the crowd, he meets an unusual older man in a white tuxedo, who helps him regain his memory. Once his memory is restored, he is horrified, and will wish it gone again.
  • “The Servants” Madeline is a very rich woman. Rich, and arrogant. One day, she is served breakfast, and one of her yolks is broken. This is enough to cause her to go on a rampage, and fire all her human servants and replace them with robotic “SerBots”. She is warned…Do not remove the control box from the base of the skull.
  • “The Visit” This story isn’t as much frightening as it is touching. A woman receives a surprise visit from her Marine Corps son, on his way back from deployment in Afghanistan. They spend the night talking about old times and reliving the past. Finally, the time comes when he must get back to the base he was reporting to.

“The Bucktown Babies” The first book in the “Father Gunter, Demon Hunter” series. A former priest, Johann Gunter, must travel to a small farming community called Bucktown because there is a demon who is killing babies and the unborn. Along the way, he finds an ally who helps him in his battle against the demon. The second book in the series is planned to be released in fall, 2017.

“Wait at the Rainbow Bridge” This is a short story about a boy named Tommy, and his beloved German Shepard Charley. The story starts with Donna, Tommy’s mother looking out her window and watching Tommy, kneeling over Charley, as Charley’s life is ending. The story then follows Charley, as he discovers the wonders that await at the Rainbow Bridge.

All of my books and short stories are available in digital form exclusively on Amazon.

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