Black Canyon Chipotle Chili

Hi Everyone;


I know…I’m an author, and I write scifi and supernatural thrillers. But, I just had to share my recipe with everyone for Black Canyon Chipotle Chile. If you like chili, and especially if you like HOT chili, give this a try. I call it “Black Canyou Chipotle Chili” because my husband and I own 30 acrues in Black Canyon, just NW of Heber, AZ, and it’s made with Chipotle Chiles, so it should be hot, with a slightly smokey flavor.

Following this recipe will yield a pretty hot chili. You can make it hotter or milder by using more or less chipotles.


1/2 Small package dried red kidney beans

1/2 Small package dried black beans

4 Fresh Anaheim Chiles – parched, peeled and chopped* (See Below)

4 Cloves garlic diced

1 Medium onion diced

1 Bunch fresh cilantro chopped (mailny the leaves)

1 lb Grass Fed ground beef

1 Large can organic crushed tomatoes (in puree, if possible)

1 Reg. can organic tomato sauce

6 (Organic, if possible) chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, chopped

Cumin to taste


A) Soak and cook beans until tender per package instructions, and set aside.

B) In a frying pan, heat some olive oil or butter (I used butter). Heat the diced garlic and onion until tender. Add the chopped cilantro and some cumin. Heat enough for the cumin and cilantro to release their aroma. Add the ground beef and brown.

D) Once the ground beef is browned, add to crock pot. Add Tomatoes and tomato sauce, beans, chopped Anaheim and chipotle chiles, and cumin to taste. Add in some of the adobo sauce from the chipotles to add a little more heat, and a smokey flavor.

E) Cook on “high” for about 4 hours.


To parch and peel chiles:

Start by washing and drying the chiles. Then cut a small 1″ slit near the stem. Place the chiles on an ungreased cookie sheet, and place on top rack in your oven (set on broil) until the skin starts to bubble and turn black (usually just a few minutes), turn them over, and let the skin on the other side bubble, and turn black. Then, remove from oven, and quickly place the hot chiles in a zip lock bag. Close the bag. and allow them to cool in the bag. Once they are cool, the skin will peel off easily. To use in the chili, peel, cut off stem, then remove the large cluster of seeds at the stem, and chop. It’s okay to leave some seeds if you want…they will add to the heat.


That’s it! I hope you enjoy my chili!

Book Review – Ghosts of Bliss Bayou by Jack Massa


Ghost of Bliss Bayou


Ghosts of Bliss Bayou by Jack Massa was a very enjoyable book.It’s the story of a young teenager in NJ, who seems to have some psychological “issues”. Her natural father had passed away, and her mother had remarried. She gets along well with her new father, so that is not the issue.

School has ended, and summer vacation is beginning. Her mother informs her that they will be going to London for a few weeks. Abby was to stay with her step dad’s sister and daughters for the three weeks her mom and step dad will be away. She really doesn’t want to, and ultimately gets her mother to agree to let her go visit her Grandmother in Florida instead.

She arrives in Harmony Springs Florida, and THAT is where everything begins to happen. She soon meets a girl about her age named Molly. Molly has a blog. Molly is also the daughter of the police chief in town. One night, Abby and her Grandmother hear police sirens. They stop at the neighbors’ house. Grandma and Abby go to make sure their neighbors are ok. It seems a dark figure was lurking in the back yard, and the husband (armed with his shotgun) came out to see who it was. The police investigate, but find no tracks or any evidence at all. Abby discovers something, though. She discovers that the young man wearing the police uniform with no gun is the son of the police chief – Molly’s brother.

Strange and eerie things begin to happen, as Abby joins a magic cult, and finds out that a developer is trying to purchase the houses in Harmony Springs to develop the area. Some of the townspeople want this, and some don’t.

Abby meets a realtor, who used to be good friends with her mother. It turns out that the realtor is renovating a home on Bliss Bayou that has been in her family for generations. She is also head of a group called “Save Harmony Springs” and goes head-to-head with the developer at a town hall meeting. At the end of the meeting, Abby is waiting to speak with the realtor, when she notices a ghostly image of a woman in a long dress staring at the realtor. Abby get the terrible feeling the apparition means harm to the realtor. Abby had seen this figure before – in her bedroom at home, in NJ.

Things begin to heat up, when Abby confides in her new friend, Molly, about the “visions” she’s been having – involving several ghostly figures. Molly starts a paranormal blog, and the two – Abby and Molly – decide to investigate the home the realtor is renovating. They go to the attic, and Abby realizes something is not right there. The realtor catches them, and becomes very angry that they were in the attic.The story has a few twists and turns, and actually doesn’t end the way I thought it was going to.

That’s all I’m going to tell you about the story. Am I leaving stuff out? Yes! I’m actually leaving out a lot! Only because this is a book that I think you should read. I found it to be very entertaining, and I will be looking for other work by Mr. Massa. If you would like to check it out, you can go here.

I rate this book 5 Stars!

Why I Like Being A “Pantser”

For those of you unfamiliar with what a “Pantser” is, I’ll explain.When it comes to writers, there are two types. One is called a “Plotter”. These are very disciplined writers who outline everything in their story before they begin to write. They have it all planned out what will happen, when it will happen, how, etc.

Then, there are “Pantsers”. These are writers who, basically, get an idea for a story and go. No outline, No plan, just go. They write by the seat of their pants, hence the name “Pantser.”
As for me…

Yes…it’s true…I am a “Pantser”. I do not make an outline when I begin a new short story, novella or even a novel. Why? Because I haven’t “seen the movie” yet. Some of you are probably saying “What the heck is she babbling about?” Allow me to explain…
This is how my writing process works: First, I get an idea for a story. I mull it around for a while before I decide if it will be a short story, novella or novel. Of course, sometimes I get fooled, and think it will be one thing, but it turns out to be something else, instead. Case in point – My novel “The Bucktown Babies”.

This was actually going to be a short story, but shortly after I started writing, I realized it needed to be a full novel. There was just too much stuff going on in “the movie”. There’s that “movie” thing again. Don’t worry, I’ll get to that.
After I decide what form the story will take (initially), I finally sit down to write. Do I write the outline? No way! I’ll make some notes about the story and characters, but that’s about it.

Here’s where the “movie” comes in. Once I sit down and start writing, it almost feels as though I am watching a movie, and describing in words what I am seeing. For me, being a “pantser” and not using an outline keeps everything fresh and exciting. I think that’s because I really DON’T know what is going to happen to my characters. It’s almost like they have a life of their own. Oh, I have an idea, of course…after all, I’m writing the story, not them. But, still, it does almost feel like they have a life of their own.

And, it has worked out pretty good for me so far. For example, in “The Bucktown Babies”, Father Gunter (a former priest) is given something by another priest. In all honesty, when I wrote that particular scene, I really had no idea what the reason was going to be that the priest gave this particular item to Father Gunter. After I did some research on the demon in the book, it turned out that in demonology, this particular item DOES happen to have power over this particular demon.

I know there are those of you who will probably read this and say “You shouldn’t do that. You should do an outline so you know exactly where your story is going and how it’s going to get there,” and, in a way, you would be right. However, I happen to feel like an outline restricts me. I feel confined…almost imprisoned. Sort of like seeing the end of the movie, then watching it from the beginning. Why bother…you already know what’s going to happen.

So, that’s why I like being a “pantser”. It’s fun and exciting and you never know what’s going to happen. Besides…I get to watch “the movies”. Right now, I’m watching the second “Father Gunter, Demon Hunter” movie, and you know what? It’s better than the first one.

So, that’s all for now. I’ll see you again with my next post.