Recipient of a “Readers Favorite” 5 Star Review.

In this gripping demon hunter thriller, we see that demons are real and they like the souls of babies and unborn children alike. Father Gunter is a demon’s worst nightmare. But even he will need help to destroy the demon that is killing the babies of Bucktown, a small farming community. Help does come, but from a very unlikely, and unexpected, source. Will it be enough to see the demon hunter through the final showdown with evil?
If Father Gunter can find and kill the demon who is harming babies in Bucktown, he will be that much closer to finding the demon that took his sister from him. He knows she’s not dead. She can’t be


Tales of Horror, Zombies, and Paranormal

Four short stories of horror, occult and the paranormal.

“Infected” – Jacob begins to feel and act strangely after a chance encounter with an attractive young woman the night before.

“Harry” – Harry can’t remember how he got to the scene of the accident, or what he was doing before the accident happens. When he finds out, he will wish that he still didn’t remember.

“The Servants” – Madeline is rich and very arrogant. So arrogant, that she fires her human servants and replaces them with robotic servants…with deadly consequence.

“The Visit” – A woman awakes to find her Marine Corps son standing at her bedside. He is on his way back to base after returning from deployment in Afghanistan. They spend the next few hours talking about and reliving the past.


The Anunnaki and Human worlds collide

In this epic alien first contact saga, they came to Mars to search for life…Something else found them.
This is the story of ancient aliens, three astronauts, and one cosmonaut, and what happened the day the Anunnaki world and the modern human world collided on a distant planet.
Jon Carson, the American military man, Doug “Digger” Johnson, The American archaeologist, Kathleen Doolan, the Irish physician and Mikhail Borznekhov, the Russian military man / biologist came to Mars to look for signs of life at Olympus Mons. What brought them there was something found at a dig in Egypt…Something that could tie ancient aliens and Egypt together.