In The Works

In the Works:

The third book in the “Father Gunter, Demon Hunter” series is now in the works. Shooting for a mid 2018 release. 

“Night Mare” takes Father Gunter and Robert to the town of Clemons, where everyone is plagued with nightmares, causing them to do terrifying things to themselves and each other. The story as a whole delves deeper into the new direction that “The Raven Flies at Night” started.



“Night Mare” Written by Janine R. Pestel, Watch for it on Amazon!


“Madeline” a full length horror novel based on the short story “The Servants” by Janine R. Pestel.

Work has begun on “Madeline” the full length novel based on my short story “The Servants.” This will also be a 2018 release. Watch for it.