In The Works

In the Works:

The second book in the “Father Gunter, Demon Hunter” series is due to be released in early December. In the second book – “The Raven Flies at Night”, Father Gunter and his friend Robert Durling travel to the town of Mountainview.

The people in the town have become very depressed, and suicides are a daily occurrence. While in town, Johann and Robert meet Father Nelson, who gives them an amulet that will aid them in their battle against the demon in Mountainview, and their future battles.

The demon hunters also get to meet the TV reporter that Johann always watches on television – Belinda Carstone. The reporter tells Johann of a disturbing dream she had, involving Johann’s missing sister, Theresa, and the demon who abducted her five years ago. She also gives him some other news…some very ominous news…that will take the story, and the series, in a new, terrifying direction.


“The Raven Flies at Night” Written by Janine R. Pestel, Published by Creativia Publishing. Due in early December. Watch for it on Amazon!


The third book in the “Father Gunter, Demon Hunter” series.

I have begun writing the third book in the “Father Gunter, Demon Hunter” series. Although I know the title, I will not divulge it here. The only thing I CAN tell you, is that I am shooting for a Spring 2018 release.