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The Bucktown Babies

A demon has come to the farming community of Bucktown. Its target is the most innocent of all…infants. If something isn’t done soon, who knows what will happen?

A hero arrives in the form of gritty former priest Johann “Father” Gunter, and he has a score to settle. Not only is it despicable what this demon is doing, but a demon took his sister 5 years ago. He’s been bent on hunting demons ever since.

With the help of an unexpected ally, Gunter discovers who the demon is that’s devastating the town. Together, they come up with a plan, but Johann is in for one last surprise before they confront the demon.

The Raven Flies at Night

Something evil has come to the town of Mountainview, and it’s causing the inhabitants to commit suicide. The act is always foreshadowed by the presence of a Raven.

Demon hunting duo Johann “Father” Gunter and Robert Durling come to town to find the evil that is causing this and put an end to its reign. They soon find that there is not one, but two demons at work here. To make matters worse, they are both heavy hitters in the underworld. An encounter with one of the demons gives Johann and Robert a startling revelation – there is a war coming.

When the town church becomes the war’s first real battlefield, Johann and Robert spring into action. The ensuing battle nearly costs the former priest his life.

There is more at stake here than merely defeating a demon. Millions of souls now hang in the balance.

Night Mares

Johann “Father” Gunter and Robert Durling find themselves in the small town of Clemons because of a dream that the news reporter, Belinda Carstone, had. The night they arrive in town, they know immediately something is amiss. The mayor of the town has died in a tragic accident in her home.

Johann and Robert pose as members of the KMTN News crew to gain access to the house where the mayor died. Their investigation takes them down a wild and twisted path. They learn interesting things about the town and the people, and we learn a few interesting things about Johann and Robert.

It’s a tale of death, intrigue, suspense and demonic possession that you will NOT want to miss.


Demon Hunters Johann Gunter and Robert Durling face a vengeful spirit—or so they think. In this twisted supernatural thriller, a demon uses a ghost as cover to try and achieve his goal.
Burning the remains of the corpse suspected of releasing the vengeful spirit should solve the problem. But, when a third person dies after the demon hunters salt and burn the remains, they realize they are up against something much more foreboding and ominous. They are up against a demon.

The fight to exorcise the demon reaches fever pitch. It nearly costs one demon hunter his life—and the other must agree to the unspeakable to save him


While getting some much needed R&R at Johann’s Mesa, AZ apartment, Robert has a vision of evil things happening in Long Prairie, MN. When they arrive in town, they find that people are disappearing under very mysterious conditions. In each case, a child’s toy is involved. During their investigation, they discover that it is tied to the local toy store.

Using some effective techniques, the demon hunting duo discover what is happening. In the final confrontation, both Johann and Robert make life changing discoveries, and Johann receives an offer that he can’t pass up…from a demon.


“Cerberus” takes Johann to hell with the demon Alastor in search of his sister, while Robert goes back to his hometown of Bucktown to find out something about his childhood that will change his life forever. Although it will be filled with action, “Cerberus” will change everything in the “Father Gunter, Demon Hunter” universe.

Mirror, Mirror

The war in hell continues to claim the souls of innocent humans. Now, the war comes close to home for Johann Gunter and his demon hunting partner Robert Durling. They must leave Johann’s home in Mesa, Arizona and – together with Johann’s sister Theresa – travel to the town of Snowflake, Arizona.

While conducting their investigation, the trio end up spending a night in the Sheriff’s Department jail, where they gain a very unexpected ally.

Hell Fire

It’s time for the fireman’s fair in a small Idaho town. Everything was great… until two people became victims of spontaneous human combustion, Or, did they?

After seeing the news story of the two victims, Johann, Robert, and Theresa high tail it to Idaho to investigate the incident. They find that these weren’t the first two people in this small town to spontaneously combust, and the evidence points to a vengeful spirit.

When they have the final face-off with the wayward spirit, they receive some help – and a warning – from a very unexpected source.


The Mons Connection

A science fiction thriller that brings 3 astronauts and 1 cosmonaut together on a mission to discover if life ever existed in the Olympus Mons region of Mars. What brought them there was a discovery made at an archaeological dig in Egypt. Find out what happens when the Anunnaki and the Human worlds collide.

Infected and Other Short Stories

A collection of 4 short horror stories, each with it’s own unique twist. The four short stories include:

  • “Infected” Jacob and his friend Larry go dirt bike riding for the day in the Arizona desert. Jacob soon begins to feel strange. A wound he received the night before from a young woman he met is beginning to infect him, and he is soon spiraling out of control.
  • “Harry” A common thug has lost his memory and happens upon a tragic fatal accident. In the crowd, he meets an unusual older man in a white tuxedo, who helps him regain his memory. Once his memory is restored, he is horrified, and will wish it gone again.
  • “The Servants” Madeline is a very rich woman. Rich, and arrogant. One day, she is served breakfast, and one of her yolks is broken. This is enough to cause her to go on a rampage, and fire all her human servants and replace them with robotic “ServBots”. She is warned…Do not remove the control box from the base of the skull.
  • “The Visit” This story isn’t as much frightening as it is touching. A woman receives a surprise visit from her Marine Corps son, on his way back from deployment in Afghanistan. They spend the night talking about old times and reliving the past. Finally, the time comes when he must get back to the base he was reporting to.

Wait at the Rainbow Bridge

This is a short story about a boy named Tommy, and his beloved German Shepard Charley. The story starts with Donna, Tommy’s mother looking out her window and watching Tommy, kneeling over Charley, as Charley’s life is ending. The story then follows Charley, as he discovers the wonders that await at the Rainbow Bridge.

The Servants

Madeline assumed she was purchasing robots. NEVER assume ANYTHING.
Madeline was rich and arrogant. She fired all her human servants. She saw an ad for “ServBots” and decided to purchase some to replace her human servants. All went well until one morning, her ServBot chef served her breakfast and one of her eggs had a broken yoke. It went downhill from there. Terribly downhill.